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学术报告通知: Quantitative assessment of forest life cycle using time series Landsat observations and field inventory data——Chengquan Huang
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Forest monitoring is important for a broad range of scientific studies and management applications. While many individual studies have focused on forest disturbance assessment, long term records of time series Landsat observations make it possible to assess many variables important for understanding the life cycle of forest dynamics, including the location, timing, causal agent, and intensity of disturbances, timber output from harvest, and the age, structure, and growth rates of recovering forests. We have designed an integrated framework for quantifying these variables using time series Landsat observations and field inventory data. This seminar will provide a brief overview of this framework and its use over studies areas in the United States.
Chengquan Huang is a Research Professor with the Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland.  He received his BS and MS from Peking University and a PhD from the University of Maryland. His research focuses on remote sensing of land change processes and their impact on carbon, energy balance, surface inundation, and biological conservation. He led the development of many widely used national to global scale land change products at the 30m resolution, including the US National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD 2001), the NAFD-NEX annual forest disturbance product (1986-2010), decadal forest change products for Paraguay and North America (1990-2000), global forest cover change (GFCC) products (1990-2000-2005), and a global man-made impervious surface product.  He is chair of the NASA NEX User Working Group, and is a science team member of NASA’s Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC), Terrestrial Ecology, and Carbon Cycle Science programs, the USFS Land Change Monitoring System (LCMS) program, and NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) mission.  He has been invited to give talks and seminars at different research institutes, universities, and international conferences, and to provide training workshops as part of NASA’s LCLUC international meetings.

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