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学术报告通知:Carbon implications of consumption choices——冯奎双博士
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    冯奎双博士现为美国马里兰大学副教授。 2011毕业于英国利兹大学获得可持续发展研究博士学位。 他的研究聚焦于人与环境系统间交互作用的概念化和建模,以及对未来全球变化进行情景模拟和分析。 研究领域包括可持续消费,产业经济,全球产业链的环境影响。具体内容包括碳足迹,虚拟水,和生态足迹的核算,和相关政策意义的分析。他在气候变化和减排,水资源管理,土地利用变化和管理为主题的期刊发表80于篇文章,包括Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, PNAS, Global Environmental Change, 和Environmental Science and Technology. 他的研究得到了美国宇航局,中国自然科学基金,世界银行, 美洲发展银行, 欧盟委员会和世界自然基金会等组织和机构的资助。

    About 50% of the global population, more than 3 billion people, live on less than $3 a day. The global top 10% earn more than $23 per day. Clearly lifestyles, consumption patterns and associated carbon footprints differ enormously between rich and poor. Questions for this alternative assignment (or Ted talk No4. transition to a world without oil) : What is the difference in terms of carbon footprints? Do we see a convergence of lifestyles and carbon footprints of rich folks across countries? What would be the carbon implications of moving hundreds of millions of people out of poverty as proposed in the United Nations sustainable development goals? These are some of the questions addressed in this talk.
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