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学术报告通知:Climate Change, extreme events and impaired health: local to national perspectives——姜成晟 博士
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Climate Change, extreme events and impaired health: local to national perspectives
Climate change has changed the frequency, intensity and strength of extreme weather events. Lots of studies found that the extreme weather events are linked with adverse health outcomes. Due to the limitation of the health data, those studies either focused on all age groups in several cities or particular age group at national level. Our national study used health interview survey data that was linked to localized extreme weather events. It enables national assessment of impacts of climate change on health specifically on hay fever for general population.  Our Maryland studies investigated the associations between extreme weather events and respiratory diseases, foodborn infectious diseases or cardiovascular diseases. We stratified our analysis by different geographic regions. The studies results showed elevated risk of extreme weather events on those health outcomes.  

报告人简介: 姜成晟,武汉大学遥感信息工程学院学士、硕士,中科院地理所博士,美国加州大学博士后,现为马里兰大学研究助理教授,从事遥感、GIS、环境及健康的交叉研究与应用。

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