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学术报告通知:Patterns and potential drivers of dramatic changes in Tibetan lakes, 1972–2010——李英奎教授
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报告题目:Patterns and potential drivers of dramatic changes in Tibetan lakes, 1972–2010
报告内容:Most glaciers in the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau are retreating, and glacier melt has been emphasized as the dominant driver for recent lake expansions on the Tibetan Plateau. By investigating detailed changes in lake extents and levels across the Tibetan Plateau from Landsat/ICESat data, we found a pattern of dramatic lake changes from 1970 to 2010 (especially after 2000) with a southwest-northeast transition from shrinking, to stable, to rapidly expanding. This pattern is in distinct contrast to the spatial characteristics of glacier retreat, suggesting limited influence of glacier melt on lake dynamics. The plateau-wide pattern of lake change is related to precipitation variation and consistent with the pattern of permafrost degradation induced by rising temperature. More than 79% of lakes we observed on the central-northern plateau (with continuous permafrost) are rapidly expanding, even without glacial contributions, while lakes fed by retreating glaciers in southern regions (with isolated permafrost) are relatively stable or shrinking. Our study shows the limited role of glacier melt and highlights the potentially important contribution of permafrost degradation in predicting future water availability in this region, where understanding these processes is of critical importance to drinking water, agriculture, and hydropower supply of densely populated areas in South and East Asia.

报告人简介:Yingkui Li is an associate professor in Department of Geography, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography in 1992, and a Master of Science degree in Geography in 1995 and Ph.D degree in Geography in 2001 at Peking University. He joined department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University for Post Doctoral Research (2003-2004).
Yingkui Li’s research interests include Paleo-climate and environmental change,Climate and human impacts on environment and GIS and spatial analysis.He published 74 journal papers (SCI/SCIE). He received more than $400,000 grand from National Science Foundation (NSF) and RMB200,000 grand from National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He received an Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, Department of Geography at University of Tennessee in 2015.

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