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学术报告通知:Remote sensing of thawing permafrost 暨香港中文大学地球系统科学研究生课程介绍——刘琳 博士
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报告题目:Remote sensing of thawing permafrost 暨香港中文大学地球系统科学研究生课程介绍

The Arctic climate has experienced more rapid warming than anywhere else on Earth over the past several decades, and this trend is expected to continue over the next century. Accumulating observation evidences show widespread thawing and degradation of permafrost, or ground remains frozen perennially. Thawing permafrost has profound effects on terrestrial ecosystems, on hydrologic and landscape processes, and on human infrastructure in the Arctic and Sub-arctic. Large amount of carbon currently frozen in permafrost may release into the atmosphere and further warms the global climate. However, it is challenging to study and monitor permafrost, which is purely defined by its subsurface thermal condition. In this talk, I will present two case studies on permafrost degradation in Northern Alaska, caused by fire and human disturbances, respectively. I will show how integrative measurements using remote sensing methods (such as ground penetrating radar, space-borne radar interferometry, airborne LiDAR) offer quantitative understandings on thermokarst processes due to thawing ice-rich permafrost.
I will also introduce the interdisciplinary Earth System Science Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and welcome students to apply for our postgraduate program. 

Short Biography
Lin Liu is an assistant professor of Earth System Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He studied in Wuhan University for his bachelor degree and got his PhD in Geophysics from the University of Colorado. Before joining CUHK, he was a George Thompson Postdoc Fellow at the Stanford University. His study applies a wide range of geophysical and remote sensing techniques to the Earth’s complex cryospheric systems including permafrost and glaciers, aiming to quantify and understand their significant changes in a warming climate. He has conducted several pioneer studies of using space-borne radar interferometry to investigate permafrost and active layer dynamics in the Arctic. 

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