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Tenured & Tenure-Track, Distinguished Researcher & Postdoc Positions
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Seeking for Full-time Outstanding Academic Staff including
Tenured & Tenure-Track, Distinguished Researcher & Postdoc positions

School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering (RSIE), Wuhan University which was founded in 1956 has become a domestic advanced and world famous high-level academic platform. The school is widely considered as an excellent institution in education and research in photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geographic information engineering. It has 83 full-time academic staff, including 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Science, 2 Distinguished Professors of Thousand Talents Program, 2 Chang Jiang Scholars, 4 winners of the “National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 1 winner of the “Excellent Young Talents”, etc.
Since its foundation, RSIE has gradually set up the world leading scientific research and teaching environment, and established an advanced institution with clear discipline system, specific research directions and abundant research achievements.

Research Directions
RSIE focus on Satellite ground receiving station, computer vision, mobile measurement and quantitative remote sensing, laser radar, satellite simulation, Smart City and geography national
condition monitoring, etc.
Its discipline system covers the aerospace, aviation, low altitude, ground data acquisition & processing & application.

Join Us
To strengthen the traditional academic team and expand the key research fields, RSIE will gradually introduce talents in sensor and space, remote sensing instrument, satellite design and manufacturing.

RSIE is seeking outstanding academics in the following areas:

Photogrammetry& Remote sensing& Geographic Information Engineering: mobile real-time photogrammetry, computer vision, aerospace photogrammetry, optical remote sensing, microwave remote sensing, infrared remote sensing, laser remote sensing, hyperspectral remote sensing, remote sensing application, geography national condition monitoring, Geographic information science and engineering, etc.

Aerospace science and technology: aerospace engineering, Satellite payloads, satellite sensor, aerospace materials and structure design, satellite design and manufacture, aircraft design and engineering, aircraft engineering, etc;

Dynamics and control, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, etc;

Optics, optoelectronics, precision instruments, communication and measurement and control, communication and information system, pattern recognition and intelligent system, etc.

Positions are as follows:

Tenured & Tenure-Track  positions shouldHave acquired a doctoral degree in an overseas university
Have more than 3 years overseas research experience (including Postdoc)
The tenure track Ass.Prof or above status candidate will have priority
Have broad academic vision and innovative idea
Have good team work spirit, organization and management ability
Under the age of 40
The selected candidate will be offered
Research funds of ¥1,000,000-3,000,000
An annual salary of at least ¥400,000
Living allowance of ¥500,000

Distinguished positions shouldHave acquired a doctoral degree in a well-known university
Have more than 3 years overseas research experience (including postdoc)
Have achievements recognized nationally and internationally
Under the age of 38
The selected candidate will be offered
An annual salary of ¥150,000-300,000
Research funds & Living allowance are negotiable

Postdoc positions shouldHave a doctorate in well-known colleges and universities
Level A: doctor's degree from world's top 100 universities
Level B: doctor's degree from world's top 200 universities
Level C: doctor's degree from universities in related field
Have good team and cooperation spirit, and innovation achievement
Under the age of 30
The selected candidate will be offered
Level A: annual salary ¥250,000-300,000
Level B: annual salary ¥200,000-250,000
Level C: annual salary ¥150,000-200,000
Recommended to declare China postdoctoral science foundation&
International communication & academic exchange programs
Professional technical position
"Postdoctoral Certificate" issued by National Post-doctor Regulatory Commission of China
Contact us
The ideal candidate will be recommended to declare Talents Program and get full-period application guide and assistance.
The post has long-term effectiveness.
If you submit an application before May 1, 2017, you can join us before the Autumn Semester starts.
For more details,
you can send CV to Ms. Qin Ping <rsrenshi@whu.edu.cn>, Secretary for Human Resource. Your CV should provide one personal positive registration photo, detailed contact information, education experience and research experience, journal publications (indicate the influence factor, JCR partition, other citations), rewards, authorized Patent or Software Copyright, etc.
Tel:+86-027-68778546       Fax: +86-027-68778086
Chinese Website: http://rsgis.whu.edu.cn/
English Website: http://rsgis.whu.edu.cn/en/index.html


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