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Invited Session for the IEEE ARM 2018
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Invited Session for the IEEE ARM 2018
Title: UAV Associated Vision
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become a powerful and widely used tool for rescue, surveillance and exploration. To perform such tasks, UAVs have to fly autonomously in unknown environments, according to the obtained information for the purpose of flight control. In particular, the necessary tasks of motion estimation, localization or scene reconstruction, understanding are further complicated in GPS-denied scenarios. In recent years, UAV associated vision sensors and techniques have attracted wide attentions from multiple disciplines, and promising results have been reported.
The proposed session shows expertise in the area of UAV associated vison to the audience of IEEE ARM’2018. This session particularly emphasize research work related to advanced vision techniques which facilitate autonomous control of UAVs. In addition, novel applications based on UAV vision sensors are welcomed as well. The session includes 6 papers and presents the most recent progress on both theoretical and applied work.
Unmanned aerial vehicle, computer vision, motion estimation, localization, surveillance, applications .


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