International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality 2017 - ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017

ISSDQ 2017 - Topics

  • Data Quality in Spatial Big Data
  • Uncertainty in Spatial Sampling
  • Quality Management for Spatial Big Data
  • Stochastic Spatial Simulation
  • Fitness for Use of Spatial Big data
  • Quality in Spatial Data Mining
  • Assessment of Quality of Volunteered Geographic Information Data
  • Positional Error, Incompleteness, Semantic Uncertainty in Spatial Big Data
  • Accuracy Assessment in Remote Sensing data
  • Spatial Big Data Quality Versus Scales
  • Model Validation with Imperfect Ground Truth Data
  • Uncertainty in Remotely Sensed Images and Classification
  • Error Assessment in Digital Elevation Models
  • Uncertainty in Geographical and Environmental Analysis
  • Spatial Data Quality and Decision Making
  • Ontology in Spatial Big Data
  • Model-Based Approaches to Spatial Accuracy Assessment
  • Uncertainty Propagation in Spatial Analytics